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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

file server

The company I'm working at the moment (Lozej d.o.o.) was using some old Novel OS on their server. Server was really useless except for the data storage. So i convinced the boss that it should be replaced with linux OS. At first they were skeptic, not trusting some free software, but when i found that one disk from so called data mirroring was dead for along time and no one know about it, they agreed to replace the OS. Old disks were replace with two new Seagate 70Gb SCSI. I installed it with Slackware linux distribution with disks in software RAID 1.

linux file & database server

Configuration i did:
- samba file server (with recyclebin enabled )
- software ride mirroring
- ups monitoring
- remote administration and data access
- automatic backups
- ...

is the server still running?


of course it is running. just machine was replaced with newer one. why do ask?