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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Simple screenshot tool

I was missing a screenshot tool on my xfce zenwalk desktop. Every time i want to took a quick screen shot i have to ran Gimp to do it and what's quite inconvenient. I was just started playing with python and gtk and i found some easy way to take a screen shot with gtk tools, so i decided to make a small app. It's first thing i ever made with python or gtk so don't expect too much. hope you like it


source : zenshot-0.6.tar.gz
zenwalk package : zenshot-0.6-noarch-50.1.tgz md5 dep

discussion forum:

* v 0.6 (31.10.2007)
- new name zenshot

* v 0.5 (13.02.2007)
- fixed filename date time to localtime

* v 0.4 (11.02.2007)
- added shot delay

* v 0.3 (10.02.2007)
- window iconify back to window hide because of issues with beryl

* v 0.2 (10.02.2007)
- fix window hide issue (screenshot app window wasn't hidden in time)
- window hide changed to iconify (minimise)

* v 0.1 (08.02.2007)
- first release
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